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HARD SHOT Orange Liqueur

HARD SHOT Orange Liqueur

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Embrace Citrus Bliss: HARD SHOT Orange Liqueur

Experience the zest of life with HARD SHOT Orange Liqueur – a vibrant symphony of flavors crafted to perfection. This liqueur captures the classic essence of a well-loved Old Fashioned, presenting a lightly burnt orange hue that sets the stage for an unparalleled tasting journey.

Key Features:

 Classic Citrus Elegance: HARD SHOT Orange Liqueur is a testament to the classic charm of citrus. It presents the perfect balance of familiar, lightly burnt orange tones reminiscent of an Old Fashioned cocktail.

Refreshing Aromas: Immerse yourself in the cool, refreshing scents of tangerine and hilltop summer lemonade on the nose. A sensory invitation to the bright and lively flavors that await.

Tasting Notes:

On the Nose: Cool, refreshing tangerine and the nostalgia of hilltop summer lemonade create an enticing aroma that beckons the palate.

Palate: Progress to a warming, electric zest on the palate that dances with the citrus notes, creating a lively and invigorating experience.

Finish: A sweet, persevering finish leaves behind memories of candied apple, completing the tasting journey on a delightfully sweet note.

Exceptional Attributes:

ABV: 35%

Distillation: 6 times for unparalleled purity.

Base: Crafted from 100% Corn Vodka for a clean and crisp taste.

Kosher Certification: Ensuring the highest standard of quality.

Clean Label Orange Flavor: Pure and authentic orange flavor for a genuine tasting experience.

Canadian Beet Root Sugar: Adding a touch of natural sweetness.

Gluten-Free: Catering to diverse preferences and dietary needs.

Add a burst of citrus to your moments with HARD SHOT Orange Liqueur. Crafted with precision, this liqueur is not just a drink; it's an experience that combines the classic with the contemporary, creating a taste sensation that lingers on the palate.

Available at Manitoba Liquor Marts
18+ Enjoy responsibly

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